Vincent Djuang

Vincent Djuang

Director, LEA

0411 363 322

Vincent has been successful in the real estate industry for more than a decade both in overseas and Australia. He started working as a sales agent while he was still studying in the university taking business management. Within a year or two, he was promoted to be a sales manager in the company he worked with. Soon after completing his bachelor degree, he decided to start managing and directing his own company.

In 2001 Vincent had successfully sold more than 10 properties a month or 120 properties per annum. In 2004, he was promoted to be a sales manager and to train some sales persons working in the same agency. And from 2001 till 2005 Vincent continued to be a number one sales person in the company he had been involved with.

Vincent is very passionate about real estate industry. He is very capable, loyal, honest, and always works with integrity. He has good rapport with his clientele and has been professional in conducting the real estate activities. All his clients are very pleased with his service and many have come back to deal with him for their real estate needs.

Vincent currently holds a licensed estate agent and has a desire to move on with his career in this industry. As a working director at Harvest Realty, giving some training to his staff, leading the company, supporting the local church and also being a wonderful husband and father are his main duties. Yet, Vincent continues to support those in need whenever he can with his advance knowledge, experience, skills and ability as he always strives to do his best to assist his clients, his employees and also the community.

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